531 Summer St, Barre, MA 01005

About Us

Weenies was launched in July 2018 after many months of meticulous planning by Jason and Kimberly Lacroix. After more than 20 years as wildly successful realtors with the local Neylon Real Estate Company. they decided to start checking things off their “bucket list” and opening a hot dog stand was on the list.

  “The Jay and Kim team”

The launch of Weenies was an immediate smashing success. Selling 1000 hot dogs in a weekend. The launch went so well that  the bucket list,part time business was about to consume their successful real estate careers,successful real estate investments and disrupt the homeschooling of their children. A decision had to be made…..After 2 months of operation the painstaking decision was made. Weenies went up for sale.

Hoping to find someone that would continue the dream, the price and terms of the sale were set ridiculously low.

And then ……24 year old college student, Alicia Strunk, picked her dream off where Jay and Kim left off.